SafetyStratus work instructions

Accessing a biological use protocol (aka. Memorandum of Understanding and Agreements – “MOUA”) application

You will get an email with a link prompting you to log in to Safety Stratus.

  1. Navigate to the Safety Stratus homepage (

    1. Signing in with SSO authentication (University of Nevada, Reno users)

      1. Type your UNR e-mail address and make sure to indicate that Single Sign-on is activated by clicking the toggle to the “on” position.
      2. After you click “log-in”, then you will need to select UNR to reach the SSO authentication screen.
      3. Enter your UNR credentials and when you click sign-in, you will be taken to the Safety Stratus home screen.

        Note: When entering UNR credentials, you may toggle the remember selection to the “on” position so you do not have to enter your credentials each time.

    2. Signing in without SSO authentication (non-UNR users)

      1. Type your e-mail address and make sure to indicate that Single Sign-on is NOT activated by clicking the toggle to the “off” position.
      2. After you log-in, you will be taken to the Safety Stratus home screen.

  2. To access and submit a MOUA or amendment/renewal to a MOUA, click the “IBC module” on the left hand navigation pane. By clicking this link, you will then arrive at the Biological Agents Project Registration main page, which presents a table containing all of your project applications – both approved and under review – including important details such as application dates, project titles, approved biosafety level(s), permit numbers, and applications status.

    1. If needed, you may also search or filter the table via a variety of filters available by clicking the Toggle Filters button on the right hand side of the screen.

Submitting a biological use protocol – MOUA and MOUA amendments/renewals

  1. On the Biological Agents Project Registration screen, you will first need to indicate if a full initial MOUA is being submitted or whether an MOUA amendment/renewal is being submitted.

    1. If an initial MOUA is being submitted, then select the “permit applications” tab at the top of the screen.
    2. If an MOUA amendment or an MOUA renewal is being submitted, then select the “permit amendment & renewals” tab

  2. Next, whether a full MOUA or amendment is being submitted, the PI will need to specify what type of MOUA is being submitted. There are 2 options:
    • MOUAs for UNR research and teaching laboratories
    • MOUAs for private business associates that are located on the UNR campus

    1. Specify what type of biological use protocol/amendment is being submitted by selecting either “1 – biological agents/rDNA permit – research & teaching” or “2 - biological agents/rDNA permit – private business” in the blue box at the top of the page.
    2. Once you have specified the type of MOUA being submitted, then click the green “New 1 – biological agents/rDNA permit – research & teaching” button or “New 2 – biological agents/rDNA permit – Private Business” button.

      Note: Anyone listed on a principal investigator’s roster can initiate a new MOUA and fill out all of the forms. The PI will, however, need to certify the forms before they are officially submitted for review, and this step is highlighted in Part 3 of this section.

    3. If you have previously applied and were approved for a project registration in this system, a popup screen will appear which gives you the option to copy information from previous applications in order to save you time. You may either click one of the listed applications, or click Start New Application.

      1. This functionality can also be used when submitting a MOUA amendment or renewal.

  3. The first form you will be required to complete is the MOUA Main Form. This form – as well as all other registration forms in this system – contains a variety of question types, and many questions also include grey italicized help texts as well as helpful web hyperlinks in blue.

  4. You may save your progress and return to the complete the form at any time by clicking the Save Changes button. Once you have completed the form and are ready to proceed, click the Continue to Submit Application.

    Note: Depending upon your answers to some of the question in this main form, a variety of sub-forms may also be required. You will be notified that sub forms are required and will need to complete these forms before the MOUA will be sent to the IBC for review.

  5. After completing and submitting the main form, you will be directed to the Authorization Progress view of this project application. As mentioned in the previous section, based on your responses in the main form, the completion of additional sub-forms may be required. If this is the case, they will be listed toward the bottom half of the Authorization Progress table.

    1. Click the Open button to open and complete the given form.

      Note: Just as with the main form, you may work on any form, save your progress, and continue at a later time if necessary.

  6. Once all forms have been completed and submitted, the final step that must take place before the project review process can begin is the PI Certification step. At this stage, the PI will be notified via email that he/she will need to login and certify that all forms have been accurately completed. To complete the certification process, click the “Certify” button to begin the PI certification.

    1. The PI certification screen will appear and will require that the PI agrees to the statements listed on the page by clicking “Certify”. Once this has been completed, the MOUA will be sent to the department chair for review/approval.

      Note: If anything is unsatisfactory, the PI can exit the certification screen to make these final changes.

    2. Once the PI certification has been completed, then the MOUA forms will be locked (as indicated by the closed lock icons) and no further changes can be made.

  7. After the PI has completed the certification step, the protocol will be sent to the department chair for review/approval. The department chair will complete the same steps as the PI certification.

    1. If the department chair would like changes to be made, he/she can provide comments in the MOUA application prior to indicating their approval. Once the MOUA application has been unlocked the PI will be able to make the requested changes.

Questions regarding the submission process?

If you are having difficulty submitting an initial MOUA application, an MOUA amendment, or an MOUA renewal submittal, please contact Keith Kikawa at for assistance.