Safety Data Sheet (SDS) retrieval

A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) should be obtained for each chemical that is used by your department, division, laboratory or shop. Each SDS must be specific to the product that it describes and specific to the manufacturer of the substance.

University of Nevada, Reno SDS Database

Chemical manufacturers commonly send safety data sheets directly to EH&S and/or package them with chemical shipments. The EH&S Chemical Inventory team is responsible for collecting or creating digital copies of these sheets. The online application linked below allows you to download SDS documents specific to chemicals found on the University of Nevada, Reno campus. 

Search the EH&S SDS Database

External SDS Resource

The University of Nevada, Reno has also licensed an external SDS Search system from Canada’s National Occupational Health & Safety. The database is available to view from any computer on the University network.

Search the CCINFOWeb SDS Database

For more information regarding our online SDS Search System or to request a copy of an SDS, please call the EH&S Office at (775) 327-5040.