Defensive driving training overview

Employees of the State of Nevada who operate state-owned vehicles are required to complete an initial approved four-hour Defensive Driving Training course and refresher training every four years as outlined by the State Risk Management Division and the State Administrative Manual. The University of Nevada, Reno has incorporated the state training requirements into the broader Vehicle Use Policy found in part 5,100 of the University Administrative Manual.

Initial training options:

  • In-person "Defensive Driving Training" from the University of Nevada, Reno Environmental Health & Safety Department
  • In-person "Four Hour Defensive Driving Course" from other state entities such as the Nevada Safety Consultation and Training Section (SCATS)
  • Online "Defensive Driving Course (4-hour)" from the National Safety Council
    • The NSC course costs $49.94 (as of October 2020) and should be paid by the employee's department or group

Refresher training options (every 4 years after initial training):

  • Online from Safety National
    • First-time users:
      • Click on “Create new account”
      • Enter “SNUNRAD2223” as the enrollment key
      • Enter your email address as the username
    • Returning users:
      • Log in with your existing username and password
      • Click on "Available Courses"
      • Find "2022 – Safety National Attention and Distraction”
      • Click on "Access"
      • Enter "SNUNRAD2223" as the enrollment key
  • Online from the NVeLearn State of Nevada Online Professional Development Center
  • In-person from the University of Nevada, Reno Environmental Health & Safety Department
    • Contact the EH&S Training Manager to schedule training for your department/group; refresher courses are not regularly scheduled

Certificates of completion:

If employees complete training from any entity other than the University of Nevada, Reno Environmental Health & Safety Department, please forward their certificates of completion to the EH&S Training Manager.

Certificates of completion for courses offered by EH&S can be obtained by logging into the EH&S Learning Management System or by contacting the EH&S Training Manager.