19.0 Procedure when Exposure Limits are Exceeded

19.1 Procedure when Administrative Limits are Exceeded

When UNR Administrative Exposure Limits (See Chapter 3) are exceeded, the following procedures will be followed:

  1. Within 5 working days from the notification that the administrative limits were exceeded, the Authorized User must file an "Event Report" with EH&S describing any conditions or activities which may have led to the exposure.
  2. The Radiation Safety Office:
    • May change the dosimetry monitoring status to a more frequent interval if it is determined that the administrative limit was actually exceeded.
    • Review the individual’s radiation work procedures and determine the likelihood of the cause of exposure.
    • Ensure that any unsafe practices are discontinued.

19.2 Regulatory Limits

The RSO or his/her designee must be notified IMMEDIATELY if any person is known to have, or suspected to have, received an over exposure. Such persons will be placed under proper care in order to determine the actual dose to the body and/or critical organ(s). Reports are provided, when appropriate, to regulatory authorities.

20.0 Facility Design Criteria