7.0 Procedure to Obtain Classroom Use Authorization (CUA)

7.1 Definition

Authorizations for use of radiation emitting materials for teaching or demonstrations in academic courses are normally valid for one or two semesters based on the class set up. Classroom Use Authorization requests shall be submitted to the RSO for review and approval by the RSC. Annual renewals are required. Any student handling radiation sources must be under the direct supervision of the Authorized User.

7.2 Safety Precautions

As a condition of approval, the RSC may require special safety measures, equipment and/or procedures to be used.

The individuals responsible must keep the RSC informed of changes in CUA procedures or personnel, or modifications in the device or facilities which could affect radiation safety.

The RSO will conduct surveys and audits (at intervals not to exceed 3 months) to assure safety and compliance.

Whenever, in the RSO's professional judgment, continued operation poses a danger to any person, the RSO may restrict, modify or terminate any CUA immediately.

7.3 Procedure

All the applicable information in Chapter 7 is required for a CUA application. In addition, the following information is required to supplement the standard RUA request:

  1. Name of laboratory instructor in charge, if other than applicant, and his/her experience using radiation;
  2. Names and experience of laboratory or teaching assistant(s) involved in the course;
  3. Duration of course;
  4. Number of students anticipated; (forward names, birth dates, and social security numbers for all students immediately after term begins);
  5. Course number and title;
  6. Number and type of monitoring instruments available in the laboratory for routine use;
  7. Description of proposed use and radiation protection measures to be used for each isotope stated in the CUA request, including:
    1. Safety instruction for students;
    2. Extent to which students will be handling radioisotopes and radiation producing machines.

NOTE: Student handling of radiation sources will be kept to the absolute minimum and only be done using appropriate remote handling devices or manipulators where applicable.

8.0 Radiation Source Control Procedure