Appendix E

Respiratory Protection Program Training Records

Before signing the respiratory protection program training records form, be sure you understand each of the following:

  1. Why the respirator is necessary and how improper fit, usage, or maintenance can compromise the protective effect of the respirator.
  2. What the limitations and capabilities of the respirator are.
  3. How to use the respirator effectively in emergency situations, including situations in which the respirator malfunctions.
  4. How to inspect the respirator
  5. How to put on and remove the respirator.
  6. How to perform seal checks of the respirator
  7. Procedures for maintenance and storage of the respirator.
  8. How to recognize medical signs and symptoms that may limit or prevent the effective use of the respirator.
  9. General requirements of the OSHA Respiratory Protection standard.

Signing the document states that you understand the use, care, and inspection of the respirator(s) you have been assigned to use.

Appendix F