Laboratory Specific Training Documentation

Revised January 2023

The following items should appear on training documentation for a lab worker.

Basic Information

  • Laboratory Supervisor's name
  • Laboratory Location (building and room)
  • Name of Laboratory Worker

Training Details

  1. General Laboratory Safety Training (provided by EH&S)
    • Date of completion
    • Modules completed (indicate which of the following were completed):
      • Chemical hygiene
      • Chemical spill cleanup/waste management
      • Lab ventilation
      • Biosafety (as applicable)
      • Bloodborne pathogens (as applicable)
  2. Laboratory Specific Training (provided by laboratory; mark completed items with date, trainer and worker's initials)
    • Availability and use of personal protective equipment
    • Availability of MSDSs and other hazard information
    • Waste management practices (chemical and biological agents)
    • Storage of chemical and biological agents
    • Emergency response (fires, spills, injury, etc.)
    • Use of personal protective equipment
    • Use of lab hoods, eyewash and shower
  3. Specific Laboratory Operations

    Any topics in this section should be determined by the laboratory supervisor and documented with date, trainer and worker's initials.

Standard Operating Procedure