8.0 Non-Routine Tasks

Revised February, 2021

A non-routine task is an event or activity that occurs infrequently; therefore, details of the hazards and protective measures may not be fully developed or known by persons who will perform the task. Examples include disposal of outdated products and use of hazardous chemicals during infrequent maintenance or repair work.

8.1 Task Review

Prior to beginning a non-routine task a review of the procedure and chemicals to be used must be conducted by the supervisor, personnel who will perform the work, and other knowledgeable persons as needed. This review must consider the entire procedure, to include proper collection and disposal of chemical waste. All recognized hazards associated with the procedure must be considered, along with potential incidents such as fire, explosion, personnel exposure, and chemical release. Mitigative controls must be implemented as needed to control the risks associated with the procedure so that the work can be performed safely. Contact EH&S if assistance is needed in conducting a task review.

9.0 Hazard Communication by Personnel Outside the Department or Workplace