21.0 Phosphorus-32 Use Procedures

When opening P-32 stock vials that contain greater than 1mCi, the fume hood should be used. This is only required for the initial opening of P-32 stock vials upon receipt in your laboratory from the radioisotope vendors.

Sources Greater Than 10 mCi:

  1. Low density shielding (e.g. Plexiglas) must be used in order to keep Bremsstrahlung radiation at a minimum.
  2. After each use, mandatory radiation survey and wipe tests must be performed with the results recorded in the User Laboratory Log Book.
  3. A finger type extremity badge must be worn by all users. (Request these from EH&S).
  4. A dry run shall be performed prior to the performance of unfamiliar procedures in order to avoid unexpected complications. A dry run is required for each new individual performing a procedure that is new to that person.
  5. Eye protection must be used for procedures that involve 10 millicuries or more.
  6. Use remote handling tools when possible while handling stock solutions.
  7. P-32 waste must be segregated to hold for decay.
  8. P-32 waste must be shielded if the waste creates a radiation area.
  9. The range that beta radiation travels on the average is about 7 feet with a maximum of 20 feet in the air.

22.0 Non-Ionizing Radiation Sources