ChemTracker database migration

Stanford to BioRAFT - December 2018

The migration from Stanford's ChemTracker servers to BioRAFT servers was completed by Dec. 15, 2018. Principal Investigators (PIs) have been contacted by UNR EH&S ChemTracker administrators and provided with the instructions on gaining access and setting up their Lab Group "profile" in BioRAFT ChemTracker.

  • ChemTracker 5 hosted by BioRAFT is now accessible. Visit to access ChemTracker 5. Use your UNR Net ID and password to log-in.
  • If you are student, staff, postdoc, of other type of laboratory staff, please ask your faculty research advisor (Principal Investigator, a.k.a PI) to grant you access to view their chemical inventory.
  • If you are a faculty research investigator/PI you will need to do a brief set up of your "Lab Group" in BioRAFT, and give your students/staff access to your inventory. Students and staff do not have the ability to add themselves to your Lab Group. The initial process only takes about 15 minutes.
  • If a PI is having difficulty in adding people to their lab group, please contact Luis Barthel-Rosa ( for assistance.
  • Only people in the University's Workday database are eligible to have access to ChemTracker 5, specifically only people with University employee ID numbers in Workday.
  • Volunteers, on-campus affiliates and similar types of non-employee affiliates are eligible to access if they have been added to Workday.
  • Eligible people (users) will not have immediate access to view any data in ChemTracker until they have been granted permission from their faculty PI. When the PI links a person to their lab group, they will be automatically limited to only those spaces (buildings/rooms) occupied by the PI.
  • EH&S will continue to manage chemical inventory by adding and delivering new chemicals, removing chemical that have been declared as waste, and periodic physical inventory of lab spaces. You do not need to add chemicals to your inventory. Therefore we recommend all group members have view only access to ChemTracker.
  • ChemTracker uses some different terminology
    • Lab Name = the PI's last name
    • Location (space) = Building and room number are combined and treated as a unique space
  • To search your chemical inventory, log in then go to section "ChemTracker", then "Containers", then you can choose to search by chemical abstract service number (CAS number) or chemical name, or simply use "Lab Name" to retrieve the entire PI's inventory and export your entire inventory excel for broader searching (excel icon in the corner of the search page). Excel exports also display more information than shown the user interface. The Workday data provided by the University to BioRAFT is secure, encrypted and only the minimal amount of data needed to set up accounts is provided. If you have more questions about the Workday data, please contact the inventory program manager at for more information.

History of ChemTracker use at the University

Since 2004, EH&S at the University of Nevada, Reno has been using ChemTracker software (developed and licensed by the Stanford University EH&S) for chemical inventory data management. In 2017, Stanford sold the rights of ChemTracker to a private company, BioRAFT. BioRAFT specializes in software solutions for research environments. EH&S chose to continue using the ChemTracker software and eventually migrate over to the BioRAFT ChemTracker version 5.