Chapter 22: Recordkeeping

Revised January 2023

Training Records

Training records for each laboratory worker must be maintained for a minimum of three years after the worker’s entire tenure at the University has ended. EH&S maintains training records of general laboratory safety training and other training sessions conducted by EH&S. Laboratory-specific training records should be maintained by individual laboratories or departments. EH&S has prepared a form for documenting laboratory-specific training; however, alternative systems that record the information described in Chapter 17 can be used.

Medical Records

Records of personnel medical records arising from occupational medical monitoring, examinations, treatment, or counseling are maintained by the Business Center North (BCN) Risk Management Office. Original medical records should be forwarded to the Risk Management Office; however, Supervisors and Department Offices may keep copies of these records when permissible by HIPAA and other regulations. These records are confidential and must be maintained as such. Access to medical records must be limited to authorized persons with a legitimate need to access.

Exposure Monitoring Records

Records of exposure monitoring conducted by EH&S are maintained by EH&S. These records are available to personnel or their designated representatives upon request. Records of any personnel or workplace exposure monitoring conducted by other groups must be maintained by the laboratory supervisor or department; however, a copy of the monitoring results must be forwarded to EH&S.

Injury and Illness Records

The BCN Risk Management Office maintains records of reported accidents and illnesses, and associated medical consultations and examinations (individual departments may have alternate procedures).