Sewer effluent discharge permits

Sewer effluent discharge permits are issued by the Environmental Control section of the City of Reno Public Works Department for buildings with special requirements.

For copies of the permits, please contact the Environmental Affairs program.

Class 2 Discharge Permits

Class 2 discharge permits exist for the following buildings:

  • Applied Research Facility
  • Center for Molecular Medicine
  • Chemistry Building
  • Davidson Math & Science Center
  • Fleishmann Agriculture Building
  • Harry Reid Engineering Laboratory
  • Leifson Physics
  • Medical School (Bldgs 124-128)
  • Nevada State Health Laboratory
  • Paul Laxalt Mineral Engineering
  • Paul Laxalt Mineral Research
  • Pennington Health Science Education
  • SAGE Building
  • Scrugham Engineering/Mines Building

Sand/Oil and Grease Interceptor Permits

Sand/oil and grease interceptor permits exist for the following buildings:

  • Agricultural Education Mechanics Paint Shop
  • Brian Whalen Parking Complex
  • Church Fine Arts
  • Central Heat Plant
  • The Downunder Cafe
  • Joe Crowley Student Union
  • Motor Pool (UNR Maintenance Building #145)
  • Northside Cafe
  • The Overlook
  • Sierra Street Parking Complex
  • West Stadium Parking Complex