Shipping dangerous goods program

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Dangerous goods

Program contacts

Brock A. Young
Training Manager
University of Nevada, Reno
EH&S MS 0328
Reno, NV 89557
(775) 327-5058

The United States Department of Transportation defines a Dangerous Good as "a material or substance posing an unreasonable risk to health, safety, and property when transported." In order to ship such materials, individuals need training to understand the requirements for proper packaging and labeling.

The University Administrative Manual (4760: Distribution of Incoming Mail) requires that all UPS and FedEx shipments originating from the University of Nevada, Reno be created using the eShipGlobal software.


EH&S offers training to members of the campus community on the shipment of certain low-hazard biological materials and dry ice only. Please view the EH&S Training Registration page to register for upcoming "Biological Materials Shipping (Category B and below)" courses or contact the EH&S Training Manager to be notified when future sessions are scheduled.

Once training has been completed, EH&S staff will adjust your shipper rights in the eShipGlobal software to allow you to ship items for which you have received training. Training must be completed every two years.

Dangerous goods covered by the EH&S training course

  • Category B infectious substances (UN 3373)
  • Genetically Modified Microorganisms (UN 3245)
  • Exempt Human/Animal Specimens
  • Dry Ice (UN 1845)
  • Newly-Synthesized Non-Hazardous Chemicals (no training needed)

Dangerous goods NOT covered by the EH&S training course

  • Any material requiring a Declaration of Dangerous Goods including:
    • Explosives
    • Compressed Gases
    • Flammable Liquids
      • Small quantities when used as a preservative may be exempt
    • Flammable Solids
    • Toxic/Infectious Materials (other than those listed above)
    • Radioactive Materials
    • Corrosives
      • Small quantities when used as a preservative may be exempt
  • Other Miscellaneous hazardous materials not specifically covered in the training

Shipping without training

If you have not yet been trained or are shipping a material for which EH&S does not provide training, EH&S has on staff several fully trained shippers who are able to assist in shipment. Be mindful that you will need to provide ample lead-time for staff to takeover the shipment and/or procure adequate shipping materials as needed.

There are two ways to originate a Dangerous Goods shipment from the University of Nevada, Reno for which you are not sufficiently trained.

  1. Contact the Dangerous Goods program contact(s) (contact information above) with the details of the item(s) to be shipped; or
  2. Originate the shipment by logging into eShipGlobal and ignore the notices that you do not have sufficient training.
    • EH&S staff will be notified when a shipment fails the training verification step
    • You will be contacted for further details and to arrange transfer of the package to EH&S