22.0 Non-Ionizing Radiation Sources

22.1 General

Certain devices such as lasers and microwave generators produce electromagnetic radiation with frequencies considerably lower than ionizing sources (x-rays, gamma rays) but which are still able to produce biological damage by mechanisms other than ionization. Such devices are subject to control in their use to ensure protection of individuals.

22.2 Specific Requirements

  1. Any individual who purchases or otherwise obtains a laser for use at UNR is required to notify EH&S.
  2. The operation of lasers is subject to certain federal control criteria. Any individual who intends to operate a laser at UNR is required to register it with EH&S. Refer to the UNR Laser Safety Manual for more laser safety requirements.
  3. While no specific registration procedure is required for microwave sources, any device which is expected to produce, or suspected of producing possibly hazardous levels of microwave radiation should be brought to the attention of the RSO so that a proper review/survey of the device may be made.
  4. Any other known or suspected sources of possibly hazardous nonionizing radiations should be reported to EH&S.

Appendix A: Radiation Safety Staff and Services