Research & Innovation

The University of Nevada, Reno is a Carnegie® R1 research university committed to the pursuit of knowledge that addresses the important issues of our time, promotes innovation and drives Nevada's economic prosperity.

Addressing grand challenges

Over the past decade, the research enterprise at the University of Nevada, Reno has grown substantially thanks to our commitment to building an inclusive, diverse and collaborative research environment. Research & Innovation is focused on providing faculty, staff, student and industry support that enables the University’s vision of producing impactful discoveries and fostering innovation and commercialization.

– Mridul Gautam, Vice President for Research & Innovation

Faculty Research Hub

Find tools, support services and information for conducting research, scholarly and creative activities.

Working with the University

Find resources and assistance for industry and startups looking to utilize equipment, expertise or incubation space.


Transformational global impact

The University of Nevada, Reno is making a difference in Reno-Tahoe, across Nevada and beyond. Our faculty's research is helping reshape what we know about everything from anthropology to dryland agriculture, water resources and robotics.

A photo of Sligo Creek.

Researchers use oxygen sensors to estimate river resiliency to flooding

A researcher with purple lab gloves holding up a piece of lithium.

$250,000 invested in upgrades for key critical mineral extraction labs

A photo of a mountain chickadee perched on a pine tree branch.

Declining chickadee populations in the winter foreshadow climate change

A man pointing to a test site map on a screen with a student researcher looking at it, and the tail of a drone in the foreground.

Nevada Autonomous can now test new drone tech thanks to FAA waiver

Powered by numbers

The University of Nevada, Reno is leveraging research and entrepreneurial activities to prepare skilled workers, develop the next generation of technology leaders and expand economic growth statewide. As a Carnegie® R1 institution, the University is classified among America’s top 146 comprehensive, doctoral research universities.

R&D expenditures

$188.5 million in fiscal year 2023 contributing research-based advancements, generating jobs and infrastructure for Nevada.

Highly productive faculty

Ranked 97th among public institutions with $287,000 in R&D expenditures per faculty member in fiscal year 2022.

Investment in facilities

More than $850 million invested in advanced labs, residence halls and facilities since 2009.

An asset to Nevada

The University has a statewide economic impact of more than $1.34 billion annually.


World-class research facilities & infrastructure

The University is home to dozens of state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities and more than 60 research centers that anchor our pioneering work in areas ranging from engineering research to sustainability in Lake Tahoe and the Great Basin region. Learn more about how our industry-leading infrastructure supports our research.


Student-driven discovery & innovation

Students are critical to our research enterprise. Through collaboration and opportunities, students are exploring and engaging, and helping to foster innovation and drive meaningful discoveries. Find out how we're creating a research-focused, experiential learning environment at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Reimagining the Innovation Ecosystem

In today’s globally connected, knowledge-based economy, a key driver of prosperity is the pace of innovation. We are capitalizing on this insight with our Innovation Ecosystem to facilitate commercialization, regional collaboration and faculty competitiveness in a unique way. It’s connecting the University with industry and entrepreneurs, tangibly contributing to economic development and the creation of jobs, and supporting the creation of student and faculty startup businesses.

$319+ million raised by Innovation Ecosystem startups
People working at tables in the Innevation Center
489 companies engaged in the Innovation Ecosystem
Close-up of orange-gloved hands lifting a tray out of a chiller piece of lab equipment
803+ jobs created through the Innovation Ecosystem
Two people working in the Black Rock Press with one holding out a paper sign that says "NEVADA"
43 companies with University-based operations
A person working at an experimental set-up in a hood with protective gloves and a second person observing in the background

A legacy of discovery

Our groundbreaking research and impact on society.

Psychology professors Trixie and Allen Gardner with Washoe the chimp

Washoe the Chimp
In a revolutionary experiment raising chimpanzees, Washoe was the first nonhuman to learn American Sign Language.

Steven Hayes reading papers at his desk

Psychotherapy advancement
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy has helped people worldwide use acceptance, mindfulness and values-based methods to improve social wellness.

James Church sitting at his desk in his campus office

Measuring water content in snow
An invention from over a century ago greatly advanced the development of snow science and continues to be impactful today.

Thomas Kozel facing a research subject in a med school lab

Essential for the World Health Organization
Rapid diagnostics are saving lives from infectious diseases in third-world countries.