Center for Civil Engineering Earthquake Research (CCEER)

Researchers work on an earthquake engineering project

Earthquake Engineering Expertise

For more than 30 years, we've been conducting large-scale, experimental research to make buildings and bridges safer.

Our world-class facilities, which include two high-bay laboratories, offer researchers state-of-the-art equipment and laboratory space to conduct cutting-edge research. The result? Engineered structures that are better able to withstand an earthquake's destructive force, saving both lives and money.

Explore Our Facilities

Researchers during the curved bridge project

Visiting researchers can take advantage of our world-class engineering research facilities.

User Fees and Access

Laboratory researchers gather data

The Industry Support Group provides visiting researchers a number of services.


A researcher inspects a bridge column

Our facilities have been used to test bridges, buildings and non-structural systems.


graduate students set up a project

Search our archive of more than 160 technical reports. Full reports available on request.

Experience an Earthquake

Want to know what it's like when our lab is in action? You can also browse our YouTube channel for a collection of videos from recent experiments.