Our high-bay labs

Together, our two high-bay experimental labs house five shake tables, making us the largest, most versatile earthquake engineering facility in the United States.

Two researchers, backs to camera, sit at a computer in front of some concrete blocks in the Large-Scale Structures Lab

Large-Scale Structures Lab

The Large-Scale Structures Lab offers 9,000 square feet for experimental research in large-scale structural systems. Currently under construction in the lab is one of the world’s largest laminar soil boxes and its dedicated shake table.

An empty shake table in the corner of the Earthquake Engineering Laboratory.

Earthquake Engineering Lab

The Earthquake Engineering Laboratory is home to our three biaxial shake tables as well as our  6-degree-of-freedom table. The building includes 29,000 square feet of new laboratory, office and auditorium space.

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Shake tables

Learn more about our shake tables and their capabilities.

Additional equipment

Learn more about the additional equipment in our labs, including data acquisition and instrumentation. 

Lab safety

We take lab safety seriously. Learn more about safety procedures when working in our labs.