The Center for Civil Engineering Earthquake Research (CCEER) is a foundational element supporting research, teaching and public service activities in earthquake engineering in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Nevada, Reno. CCEER includes two major experimental facilities; the Earthquake Engineering Laboratory and the Large-Scale Structures Laboratory, which house state-of-the-art facilities for both static and dynamic testing of large structural systems. CCEER capabilities support the basic and applied research activities of the University's structures and geotechnical faculty, hands-on education of both graduate and undergraduate students through their participation in experimental engineering and earthquake testing, and public service through the CCEER Service to Industry earthquake testing program.

CCEER is a national asset that enables the cutting-edge research of University of Nevada, Reno faculty and their collaborators and has been central to a rich history of research accomplishments. CCEER researchers have delivered important understanding and contributions to the field of earthquake engineering including deeper insight into the seismic response of bridges, advanced material performance and innovative earthquake resistant designs. CCEER strives to contribute at the leading edge of earthquake engineering and is currently developing compelling new initiatives in experimental soil-structure interaction, intelligent infrastructure/structural health monitoring, and advanced computer simulations, all of which are highly synergistic with our existing experimental capabilities.

We enthusiastically support interdisciplinary and innovative research collaborations, and welcome teaming opportunities that can benefit both from the expertise of our faculty and the advanced experimental capabilities and excellent technical staff that reside at CCEER.