Service to industry

Over 50 seismic qualification tests of various nonstructural components and systems have been completed successfully since 2000. Furthermore, various mitigation strategies such as isolated floor implementations for nonstructural systems have been experimentally evaluated using the shake tables inside the Earthquake Engineering Laboratory. In addition to seismic qualification of equipment, the laboratory is equipped with servo hydraulic actuators of varying capacities that can be used to conduct other types of testing.

Our Professional Engineers and state-of-the-art facility provide the industry with exemplary service in guiding their projects through seismic design, testing, and qualification.

“The Earthquake Engineering Laboratory at the University of Nevada, Reno is an impressive facility with extraordinary seismic testing capabilities. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and it is always our pleasure to collaborate with them on seismic testing projects.”

-- Traci Bartak, Dynamic Certification Laboratories


  • Three biaxial 100,000 lb capacity shake tables
  • One 100,000 lb capacity six degree-of-freedom shake table
  • Large-scale structures laboratory
  • Ten servo hydraulic actuators
  • High-speed data acquisition system
  • Force, displacement, and acceleration sensors


  • Seismic simulation testing of equipment according to AC156, GR-63-CORE, and IEEE 344/693
  • Seismic certification of equipment according to IBC and OSHPD
  • Customized certification programs
  • Computer simulations using Finite Element Method (FEM) - Linear and Non-linear, Static and Dynamic
  • Engineering analysis and design of restrainer systems

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Service to Industry
Sherif Elfass
Sherif Elfass
Research Associate Professor
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Service to Industry
Todd Lyttle
Todd Lyttle
Development Technician III
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