Telescopic Pipe-Pin Project

PI: M. Saiid Saiidi, UNR
Research Assistant: Arash E. Zaghi, UNR

Sponsor: California Department of Transportation
Project Monitor: Dr. Saad El-Azazy

Project Date: June 2009

Handouts: Project summary with illustrations (PDF)

Pipe-pin two-way hinges were first introduced by Caltrans bridge designers. The intended behavior of these hinges is to eliminate the joint moment while transferring shear and axial loads.

An experimental and analytical study of pipe-pin hinges is in progress at the University of Nevada, Reno. After a comprehensive analytical modeling and experimental study on the subcomponents of the detail, a design method has been developed and improvements have been proposed for the existing pipe-pin detail.

As a part of this research, a two-column bent that incorporates pipe-pin hinges to connect the columns to the bent cap has been designed making use the proposed design guideline. The current test aims at investigating the sufficiency of the design procedure and modification of the detail under dynamic lateral loading using the shaking table.

Another feature that is being studied in this test is the dynamic performance of a GFRP concrete filled column and its response compared to a conventional RC column.