Shared Research Facilities

Lab Equipment

The Nevada Center for Applied Research offers support to a number of cores and research facilities at the University, collectively known as the Shared Research Facilities. This extensive list of laboratories within the Shared Research Facilites offers faculty, scientists and students access to services and high-end instrumentation in addition to highly experienced staff with expertise in designing and conducting experiments and analyzing data.

The Shared Research Facilites also provides access to cutting-edge research and development equipment to industry, government laboratories, research organizations and other institutions of higher education throughout Nevada and across the US. Many facilities can also provide training and education upon request.

For more information about availability and fee structure, please visit the facility’s website or access the University iLab portal. Investigators outside of the University are encouraged to inquire about the availability of instruments and services by contacting Carlos Cardillo, NCAR Director (775) 784-4837.

If you publish or receive grants using data generated within the Shared Research Facilities, please acknowledge these contributions in your publication. If there is significant intellectual input in the results of a publication provided by a core or shared resource, please consider co-authorship. The Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities offers some helpful guidelines for authorship.

Research Centers and Cores

The University is implementing iLab Solutions to provide web-based management services to academic research cores. Visit our iLab portal for login instructions.

Innovation and Makerspaces