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Two researchers for a lithium processing startup company working in their lab space in the Applied Research Facility

Please contact us to discuss your project or business needs and to find out more information on how you can utilized the Unversity's assets and expertise.

Nevada Center for Applied Research will assist your enterprise with:

  • Establishing a collaborative relationship with academia by promoting open innovation research programs and scientific studies to address real-world problems
  • Facilitating access to shared research laboratories and sophisticated instrumentation and equipment
  • Building interdisciplinary teams of faculty, scientists, postdoctoral-students and graduate students to work on ongoing projects, one-off projects, or new-complex developments
  • Providing entrepreneurs access to a support network that includes incubation and business mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs and executives
  • Providing affordable co-working space available to the University community and local startups

Some of the main areas of specialization that we provide access to are: biotech, robotics, advanced manufacturing, civil and mechanical engineering, and medicine.

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We’re agile and responsive, and can help build the infrastructure to resolve industry challenges. A facility use or fee-for-service agreement with the Nevada Center for Applied Research includes efficient online management through iLab Solutions, as well as the following benefits:

  • Safety services and training: The Nevada Center for Applied Research provides chemical and biological shipping and waste services, and client training to use specialized equipment, hazardous materials and chemicals.
  • Testing and research consultation: Once a customized, client-based scope-of-work is determined, a principal investigator from the University is designated and resource availability is verified.
  • University Core Labs and Shared Research Facilities: a broad network of technical services and research infrastructure.
  • Biotechnology Program and Nevada Career Studio: facilitating employment and internship opportunities for students and graduates.
  • University of Nevada, Reno Innevation Center: a downtown co-working environment empowering Nevada's next generation of technology and business leaders.
  • Makerspaces: propelling the prototyping process in locations on campus and in the Innevation Center.
  • Manufacture Nevada and the Nevada Small Business Development Center: provding planning, development and consultation services to support the manufacturing sector and small businesses.

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Facility use agreements

Facility use agreements allow industry to access the University’s resources.

Process overview:

  • Resource availability will be verified
  • The client must have commercial liability insurance
  • Required training will be determined by Environmental Health & Safety

Sample facility use agreement

Fee-for-service agreements

Fee-for-service agreements are a customized scope of work based on clients’ needs.

Process overview:

  • Resource availability will be verified
  • A Principal Investigator (PI) from the University will be designated
  • The scope of work will be defined

Sample fee-for-service agreement


The Applied Research Facility on campus is home to the Nevada Center for Applied Research, the Biosciences Entrepreneurial Lab, and supportive research and development infrastructure. Features include:

  • Convenient location near eateries, parking and campus access-points
  • 24/7 keycard access to the building and labs
  • In-building receiving point for mail and shipments
  • Chemical and biological waste services
  • Meeting rooms and common areas

Accommodating a wide array of innovatice activities, the Applied Research Facility offers a space for every need.

  • Biosciences Entrepreneurial Lab: More than 2,200 square feet of renovated laboratory space. Shared turnkey wet lab areas are fully equipped with instrumentation, supportive infrastructure and safety training.
  • Independent wet/dry labs: Wet-lab spaces are equipped with corrosive and flammable storage cabinets, a fume hood and a deionized water system. Dry-lab spaces are suited and equipped for prototyping or data analyses.
  • Office space: In addition to independent and shared labs, the Nevada Center for Applied Research offers office space for administrative and research support needs. Occupancy terms are flexible and do not require long-term commitments.
  • Robotics and drone arena: A large high-bay with tall ceilings and second floor viewing balcony boasts the latest in camera technology for drone and robotic testing, a working area for autonomous systems being developed on campus.

The iLab Solutions online platform at the University efficiently supports requests, equipment scheduling, project/sample tracking, billing and reporting for both managing administrators and client researchers through Nevada Center for Applied Research support.

The online ordering platform Quartzy can be used for steep discounts on all chemical orders and shipments, in compliance with University policies and federal laws.

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