Biosciences Incubator

Advanced facilities and equipment

Cutting-edge services and high-end instrumentation are available across campus and on site at the Applied Research Facility.

An extensive array of biotechnology-focused core labs and Shared Research Facilities can be accessed by industry, scientists and entrepreneurs.

The Biosciences Entrepreneurial Lab is a dedicated wet lab incubator space, alongside other essential infrastructure and services offered by the Nevada Center for Applied Research on behalf of the University.

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Research and technology talent

The Nevada Center for Applied Research has joined together with the University’s Nevada Career Studio and biotechnology programs to offer University-funded STEM internships. The Nevada Center for Applied Research offers unique access to biotech training and employment opportunities. Talented graduate and undergraduate students are available for research and technology-based positions:

  • Regional businesses and startups can hire STEM students through University-funded internships
  • A diverse talent pool is available including biotechnology majors and a wide range of STEM majors
  • Employers have the option to allow course credit with departmental approval
  • Potential for career placement at your company upon completion

The B.S. and M.S. Biotechnology Programs offered by the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology prepare students for industry employment through tailored learning and research experiences. On-campus work placement with specialized labs and affiliated startups and businesses supports technical skill development and real-world training. Paid internships allow participants to explore their scientific potential and become better trained for future careers within the field of biotechnology.

Internship hosts benefit from developing a placement pipeline with pre-paid internships through University-funded grants, securing talented and diverse undergraduate and graduate students from a wide range of STEM disciplines, and gain access to seamless recruitment through University job posting and onboarding.

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