iLab Instruction Manual

Table of Contents

Overview   |   Logging into iLab  |   Navigating iLab  |   Managing labs  |   Invoices  |   FAQs  |   Billing process for the University


The iLab/University Financial Integration allows Investigators/Team Leads, Financial Managers, Researchers and Core Managers to ensure that they are using valid payment information (Workday Account Worktag) at each step of the request and billing process for core facilities. Administrators Investigators/Team Leads, and/or lab managers can assign Account Worktags to individuals who should be able to order or be billed for services from University cores. Researchers can order services using an Account Worktag and core managers can bill for these services knowing that they are using valid Account Worktags. This document can be used by Institution Administrators, core staff, Investigators/Team Leads, and lab managers as a guide for using iLab. This document will review logging into and navigating iLab, assigning Account Worktags, and making any appropriate changes to labs.

Logging into iLab

  • Type the following URL into your browser:
  • Bookmark this URL
  • Once on the iLab login page, login or register.
    • First time users will need to use the Sign up button to walk-through the one-time registration
    • Registered users will follow the Login button to access the system
  • Follow the prompt for the University of Nevada, Reno if you have University log in credentials
    • The next screen will be a familiar login screen for entering that information
  • If you do not have an iLab account, and you have a University NetID:
    • Once you authenticate you will be directed to a registration page
    • Select Primary Investigator/Team Lead on the registration screen
    • A request will be sent to your Investigator/Team Lead to approve your account request
  • If you do not have a University Net ID login (users external to the University but within the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE)) and need an iLab account, follow the iLab link and provide all details during the registration wizard.
  • If you are a user that is external to NSHE you will join through the Nevada Center for Applied Research and will be added by the Institutional Administrator once an executed service or facility use agreement is established with the University through the Nevada Center for Applied Research. This is necessary even if the external individual already has an iLab profile.
  • Once logged in you will be on the iLab homepage dashboard. Make sure to set your time zone!

Managing Labs

  • Click ‘My groups’ to see a list of labs/research groups you manage
  • Click the lab name to enter the research group and adjust settings, members, Account Worktag assignments
  • As an Institutional Admin, Department Manager, Principal Investigator or Lab Manager there are a few procedures to manage from the Lab/Research Group interface. These steps allow researchers and investigators to order services from cores and make reservations or Core staff to do so on their behalf.
    • Accepting users into labs
    • Setting an Auto-approval threshold
    • Assigning Account Worktag to lab members
    • Managing lab members
    • Designating a Lab Manager
    • Approving service requests and reviewing/providing payment information

Managing Accounts in a Lab

  • Accepting users into a lab
    • Login to iLab
    • Click on ‘my labs’
    • Select and click the lab you intend to manage
    • If there are Membership Requests pending approval you will automatically be navigated to the ‘Membership Requests & Account Worktags tab. This tab will display pending approvals Approve the access request
    • If a researcher selected the incorrect lab use ‘change lab’ to update membership
    • Click ‘approve’
    • After approving, assign Account Worktag(s) to the new researcher.
  • Assigning Account Worktag(s)
    • Hover over or click on the “my labs” menu option on the left-hand side. Click the name of the lab to enter the lab.
    • On the lab’s page, click the Membership Requests & Account Worktags tab to expand this section.
    • Click on the appropriate check boxes to provide the researcher’s access to Funds. Assign Funds for each researcher on the list, when the box turns green it means the Fund information has been applied to the researcher.
  • Auto-approval Threshold
    • Under the Lab-wide approval settings on the membership page PI’s and Lab managers can adjust the Auto-approval amount for each request
    • This setting allows PI’s and Lab managers to define a dollar threshold that cannot be exceeded for any new request being submitted.
    • There is an institutional default that will pass across all labs, but this setting can be customized at the department, lab, and individual level.
  • Designating a Lab Manager
    • The ability to edit group member information lives under the Lab Members and settings area of the Members tab.
    • From here researchers can be designated as Lab Managers giving them the ability to manage membership settings, approvals, fund assignments, and review request approvals and invoices.
    • To set a group member as a Lab Manager click on the pencil to the right of their name and select Manager from the level dropdown, the click save to confirm changes.


  • Click ‘Invoices’ in the left-hand menu to see a list of all invoices
  • Use the filters on the left to reduce and sort the invoices displayed
  • Click the magnifying glass on the right to view the invoice detail

To View an Invoice

  • Once an invoice has been created by a core, an Institution Admin, Investigator/Team Lead or Lab manager can review the invoice and make updates or corrections if necessary
  • Click on ‘Invoices’ in the left-hand menu
  • Then click the magnifying glass to view the invoice

To Update or Change the Fund

  • Review the charges and then click the $ icon to view the Account Worktag being charged
  • Change Account Worktag or split the charges between multiple Account Worktags
  • Click save

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I add someone to a Lab?

A: You may add users with existing iLab Accounts to a lab. This means if the researcher has not registered their account with iLab you will be unable to add them to a lab until they do.

To add a user to a lab;

  • Navigate to the lab
  • Navigate to the “Members” tab
  • At the bottom of this tab find the “link existing user” button
  • Click this button and search for the desired user
  • When the system finds the user – select that user and click on their name
  • Finally, set the user access level
  • You have the option to set a membership date range as well but this is not required

Q: Someone has left our Lab; how do I delete them?

A: Follow these steps:

  • Login to iLab
  • Click the name of the lab which needs member(s) removed
  • Click ‘Members’
  • Review the list of members
  • Click the red X next to the member that should no longer be part of the lab

Alternately, you may click on the yellow pencil, enter an expiration date for your lab member and click save.

If the member is no longer part of the institute, please click ‘Help’ up in the top right of your iLab page to submit a ticket to iLab support. Please tell them the name of the researcher who has left and to disable/delete their account

Q: How do I split charges on an invoice?

A: Follow these steps:

  1. Locate the invoice:
    1. Login to iLab
    2. From the left panel click ‘Invoices’
    3. A list of all invoices will appear, to refine the list use the ‘keyword search’ to type in the invoice number
    4. Click ‘Apply Filters’
    5. Click the magnifying glass icon for the invoice you wish to view, you will find this icon on the far-right side of the screen
  2. Next to the service request click the $ icon
    1. This opens the payment information box
    2. To split charges within the invoice, select the service you would like to split the charges for and then select the split arrows next to the charge. This will open a new window to split the charge using multiple payment sources. Up to 10 splits are allowed
    3. In the percentage field, add the percent and then select the account worktag to be charged.
    4. Click ‘Add Split’
    5. Repeat steps (c) and (d) until the splits total 100%
    6. Click ‘Save’
  3. Splitting charges for a total amount on an Invoice (Individual charges):
    1. Next to the service request click the $ icon
    2. Enter the percent split and select the appropriate account worktag
    3. Click the green split icon next to the checkbox
    4. Repeat steps (b) and (c) until splits total 100%
    5. Click ‘Save’

Billing Process for the University

  1. The University will use a standard integrated billing model with one exception. Bill files will be downloaded from the system and sent to Workday via Nevada Box rather than via the integration
  2. The cores implementing iLab at the University will create billing events which generate invoices and billing files
  3. Once billing files are generated by a core, Institutional Administrators, department managers, and core staff can review invoices and make required changes should a researcher wish to make changes to their invoice such as account worktag. Becky Albion or Kyeema Zerbe should be notified when your bill file is ready to upload into Workday.
  4. Events will be marked as complete and invoices will be marked as paid with a journal number reference by acknowledgment file sent from Workday.