Matching industry needs with academic goals

Who we are

The Nevada Center for Applied Research is an applied research and development technology center. We serve to enhance the global competitiveness of Nevada industry by leveraging the physical assets and intellectual expertise at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Our mission is to create professional, flexible, sustainable, market-responsive technology and innovation services that stimulate regional, innovation-based economic development by aligning the needs of industry, startup companies, researchers, students and entrepreneurs with resources at the University of Nevada, Reno.

The center is a part of the University’s Innovation Ecosystem within Research & Innovation. The concept is founded through the Knowledge Fund, which is supported by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and embraced and championed by the City of Reno.

What we do

We open the door for entrepreneurial activities on campus and support the development of business ideas and startup companies by facilitating access to resources that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive for startups and not cost-effective for established companies.

Our goals are to:

  • Nurture multidisciplinary research and collaboration between industry, academia and government
  • Create an environment that encourages innovation by providing extensive support to faculty, students and local industry to engage in entrepreneurial activities
  • Foster industry growth and the creation of new jobs
  • Strengthen existing companies in biotechnology, advanced manufacturing, robotics and other key sectors
  • Support the creation of industry clusters that leverage the competitive advantages of Nevada

How we operate

We are a central and public access point to the University's wide array of assets and expertise.

Customized solutions: Agile and responsive, ready to develop customized infrastructure and partnerships for each opportunity.

One-stop access: For advanced facilities, equipment and expertise at the University.

Reliable support: Easy access to potential students and employees.

Industry-friendly agreements: Facility-use and fee-for-service agreements acoomodate industry needs with no University claim to intellectual property (IP). Learn the basics of IP ownership when working with the University.

Getting started

Please contact us to discuss your project or business needs and to find out more information on how you can utilize the University’s assets and expertise.

The University's Innovation Ecosystem

Hear what some of our entrepreneurial and industry partners have to say about their experiences utilizing the University's business related resources.