Current companies with University-based operations

ALERTWildfire logo


Tools for firefighters & first responders.

American Battery Technology Company logo

American Battery Technology Company

Lithium-ion battery metal feedstock manufacturing.

American UVC Science logo

American UVC Science

High Power, unique optics for UVC LED technology.

Atlas Magnetics logo

Atlas Magnetics

High performance motors & coils using semiconductor processes.

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Bioelectronica logo


Digitalizing drug discovery.

Carolina Cannabinoids logo

Carolina Cannabinoids

Research and manufacturing of cannabinoids using biomedical engineering.

CNS Curative Technologies logo

CNS Curative Technologies

Intranasal formulations for treating Parkinson’s disease.

Disruptor Scientific logo

Disruptor Scientific

Engineering & formulation consulting.

DxDiscovery logo


Antibody based diagnostics & therapeutics.

EpiSwitch Rx logo

EpiSwitch Rx

Gene therapy for muscular dystrophies.

Ethos logo


The American Chemical Company.

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Eye Sight Quest

A biotechnology company.

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GenNEXT Materials & Technologies logo

GenNEXT Materials & Technologies

Cost competitive advanced processes & products.

Khepra logo


New opportunities in sustainable energy converting waste into fuel.

Kremenak NanoTech logo

Kremenak NanoTech

Enhanced surface solutions to physically kill bacteria.

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NV LED Optics

Phigenics logo


Innovative water safety & efficiency.

Prothelia logo


Transforming treatment of muscular dystrophies.

RosVivo Therapeutics logo


Metabolic disease drug development

SSC Labs logo

SSC Labs

Electromagnetic compatibility design & testing facility.

Truckee Applied Genomics logo

Truckee Applied Genomics

Improving molecular tests of tissues and viral pathogens.

Alumni companies

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Biofilm Management

Property management for healthier living.

Clickbio logo


Smarter labware by design.

Dascena Labs logo

Dascena Labs

Accessible COVID-19 testing now for those in need.

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Web-based, private group networking.

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EscaZyme Biochemicals

Chemical manufacturing.

Eyenovia logo


Safe and effective ophthalmic therapies.

Great Basin Institute logo

Great Basin Institute

Research, education & conservation in the West.

ALERTWildfire logo

HIL Applied Medical

Proton-beam cancer therapy.

LactaLogics logo


Human milk-based nutrition For premature infants

Nevada National Security Site logo

Nevada National Security Site

A premier national security resource.

Oyster Point logo

Oyster Point

Innovative eye care inspired by patients.

Presidio Medical logo

Presidio Medical

Neuromodulation technology to treat chronic pain.

rBIO logo


Redesigning medicine with synthetic biology.

Strykagen logo


Theraputics & diagnostics for rare muscle diseases.

Tarsus logo

Tarsus Pharmaceuticals

Theraputics for conditions with limited treatment options.