Biotechnology Internship

Real-world Biotechnology and Industry Training

Hands-on biotechnology training and internships for career preparation

Please note that the internship is ONLY offered to University of Nevada, Reno students

The Biotechnology Program for bachelor’s and master’s, offered by the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, tailors student learning and research experiences for employment in an industry setting. Technical skills and real-world training are supported by specialized labs and work placement with affiliated startups and businesses, and through the Nevada Center for Applied Research. This allows participants to explore their scientific potential and become better trained for future careers within the field of biotechnology.

Program benefits include:

  • Performing cutting-edge research in an academic and/or industry lab to strengthen experimental design and execution, troubleshooting and data interpretation
  • Competitive hourly rates for real-world industry experience
  • Exposure to technology job opportunities across the region
  • Potential for job placement with local startups upon degree completion
  • Development of a strong foundation in state-of-the-art biotech through optional accelerated master’s coursework during senior year

The Nevada Center for Applied Research matches industry needs with academic goals by connecting business with cutting-edge labs, equipment, services and expertise. They have joined with the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology & Natural Resources to offer unique access to biotech training and employment opportunities.