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Biochemistry is the study of how recombinant DNA technology, protein chemistry and structural biology have come together to reveal the molecular mechanisms of functional biological processes at the macroscopic and microscopic level. Here you can learn about our biochemistry Masters and Doctorate programs.They prepare students for careers in biological and biomedical research, industry and teaching and are offered through the Molecular Biosciences interdisciplinary graduate program.

Biochemistry students in lab

Master of Science

By exploring the chemical reactions within cells, biochemists get to the core of life's processes. The academic environment is lively and highly interactive, as represented by a diverse, interdisciplinary seminar program sponsored in conjunction with other related departments. It prepares students for careers in research or teaching.

Biochemistry student in lab

Doctor of Philosophy

Study at the Ph.D. level breeds the deep expertise that research groups and universities demand. The program of study includes lecture courses, laboratory rotations, journal club presentations and discussion groups, a qualifying written and oral examination, dissertation research and one or more semesters of teaching experience.


The program produces well-trained researchers with theoretical knowledge, technical skills and real-world experience in the ever-evolving and ever-expanding industry.

Assistantships, facilities & faculty help students to succeed

Our graduation rate is over 90 percent, and our graduates have been successful in obtaining challenging careers in research, education, dietetics practice and the administration of nutrition programs in the public and private sectors.

Research Facilities Our students have access to field stations and on- and off-campus research facilities.
Nevada Agricultural Experiment Station Greenhouse Complex
Assistantships Molecular Biosciences PhD students receive research & teaching assistantships to defray program costs.
Nutrition student with research plants
Graduate Faculty Our faculty include internationally recognized experts in their field.
Joh Cushman

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