Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is about unlocking the secrets within cells. The research in this field informs some of the latest techniques for fighting diseases, advancing agriculture, pursuing criminals and exploring some of the smallest -- yet most fascinating -- components of the natural world.

An undergraduate education in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology can serve as an excellent primer for medical school and numerous other science-based career paths. The rigorous nature of the University of Nevada, Reno's programs make them a formidable challenge -- even for high-achieving students -- but also ensures that those who complete them are well-prepared to pursue competitive posts in medicine, research, academia and more.

What Is Biochemistry and Molecular Biology?

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is the study of the molecular aspects of life. Incorporating elements of both chemistry and biology, biochemists use their knowledge of proteins and DNA to better understand how cells function in organisms. Accordingly, biochemistry can inform practically any area of study that concerns living things, including biology, pharmacology, biotechnology and microbiology.

Advances made in biochemistry throughout the last century have influenced understanding across a wide range of fields, including medicine, agriculture, forensics, biotechnology, bioenergy and nutrition. Because of its broad and formative nature, biochemistry gives its students an excellent base for approaching virtually any other life science.

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