Welcome to the Makerspace at the University of Nevada, Reno Innevation Center! We believe that everyone is a maker and that making should be accessible to all. In the Makerspace, we support that vision by providing equipment, knowledge and collaboration space to Innevation Center members, University students and employees and the community.

Using the Makerspace

Down in the Makerspace you’ll find student staff ready to help with all your Maker needs. Our staff provide training and support to help you accomplish your project goals. On your first visit, you’ll take a brief safety quiz and start your equipment training.

Learn more about working in the Makerspace.

Booking equipment

The Makerspace is available through appointment or walk-in. If this is your first appointment with the Makerspace, please call the Makerspace at (775) 682-8613 or come to the Makerspace in person. If you have booked equipment with the Makerspace before, please set up your appointment at least 24 hours in advance - either through our booking portal or by calling the Makerspace at (775) 682-8613.

3D printing in the Makerspace

3D printing is open to everyone in the community. If you have a 3D model you’d like printed, email it to the Makerspace at for a free quote.

Already familiar with our services? Let us know what material, color and machine you want to use and we’ll send you a quote.

Not sure what to ask for? Give us a ring or send us an email and our friendly staff will follow up.

Find more details on our 3D printer options and services or view our equipment specifications.

Makerspace classes

The Makerspace offers monthly classes which give you an opportunity to create fun projects while learning how to operate specific pieces of equipment. We teach classes on a range of subjects from sewing to CNC manufacturing. Classes change every month so watch our event calendar, sign-up for the Innevation Center mailing list,  and follow us on social media to be notified of new classes!

To join a class, visit or call our front desk at (775) 682-8612. Class fees must be paid at the time of the reservation to hold your spot.