Working in the Makerspace

Welcome to the Innevation Center Makerspace! If you are new to using the Makerspace, this is your ultimate guide to getting started with us.

What is a maker?

Everyone is a maker in some way, shape or form. Makers are people who want to create something – from innovators to small business owners, DIYers, artists, hobbyists and everyone in between.

The Makerspace is a place for you to bring your ideas to life. The Makerspace has an assortment of equipment that you can use for your creations and staff who will guide you.

Makerspace equipment and training

Safety badges

The Makerspace uses safety badges to keep track of the equipment you’ve been trained on and to the extent you’ve been trained on each piece. These badges are given after the completion of the general safety quiz. Safety badges also serve as a reminder for safe use of the equipment based on three different colored stickers: yellow, orange and red.

Yellow level

The yellow sticker indicates that you are being trained on a certain piece of equipment and may need some help with the equipment. In order to move up from yellow, you’ll need to demonstrate knowledge of the use of the equipment.

Orange level

The orange sticker indicates that you have been trained on a piece of equipment, but others need to be in the space with you while using it. For certain equipment, orange is the maximum level due to safety hazards for solo use of that equipment. All equipment in the machine shop, excluding the laser cutter, are limited to the orange sticker.

Red level

The red sticker indicates that you have been permitted to use a piece of equipment by yourself in the Makerspace, with or without other people in the space.

Makerspace staff safety badges

Everyone has a safety badge, including the Makerspace staff. Staff safety badges are bright pink and will have purple stickers instead of yellow, orange or red stickers. The purple stickers indicate that the staff member has been trained on the safe use of a piece of equipment and is able to help you with it.

Makerspace staff

In the Makerspace you’ll find the wonderful Makerspace student staff wearing bright pink safety badges who are eager to help you out on all your Maker needs! The staff are trained on all of the equipment and will help you get started on your project. The goal of the Makerspace staff during training is to help you get comfortable with the equipment. Feel free to ask the staff any questions you may have or let them know if you need assistance.

3D printing

3D printing is open to everyone in the community. In order to start a print with us, you’ll need to have an STL file and an idea of the material you’d like to use for your model. The Makerspace has a wide variety of material that you can use, from PLA, ABS, ASA, TPU, Standard Resin, Tough Resin, Flexible Resin, and Elastic Resin. You can either email the file to the Makerspace at or come in with your model and talk to the staff about your print. The Makerspace staff will help you figure out what option is best for your model. After slicing your print, the Makerspace staff will provide an invoice and, with your permission, move forward with printing. The invoice includes the cost of material, time on the printer and post processing. Once the print is finished, you’ll receive an email that it’s ready for pickup.

Beta space, laser cutter and podcasting training

The beta space includes the vinyl cutter, textile lab and electronics lab. In order to use the equipment in the beta space, you’ll need to complete the general safety quiz for the Makerspace. After the quiz, you’ll receive a safety badge and the Makerspace staff will help you get started on a piece of equipment and teach you how to use it if needed. Some equipment, like the vinyl cutter, have their own manual that you can read through for more assistance.

The high-powered laser cutter can be found in the machine shop. Just like the equipment in the beta space, you’ll complete the general safety quiz, get your safety badge, and receive training on the laser cutter. The high-powered laser cutter can engrave and cut through a wide variety of material such as acrylic, wood, leather, plastics, fabric, MDF, cardboard, paper, Corian, foam, fiberglass and rubber. It is also used to engrave acrylic, wood, leather, plastics, fabric, rubber, cork, brick, phenolic, melamine, glass, granite, marble and tile.

The podcasting studio is a separate room near the back of the Makerspace. In order to use the podcasting studio, please book an appointment with the Makerspace - our staff will help with any questions you have.

Machine shop training

The machine shop includes equipment such as the high-powered laser cutter, horizontal and vertical bandsaws, belt sander, drill press, CNC mill and lathe, manual mill and lathe, and a wide variety of power tools. With the exception of the high-powered laser cutter, you must complete a safety quiz targeted toward machine shop safety. After completing the safety quiz, you’ll receive training on all the equipment.

The Makerspace has a variety of personal protective equipment (PPE) available, from safety glasses, noise canceling earmuffs, hair ties and more, to help make sure you’re safe when working with the equipment.

Each piece of equipment has a manual and a safety sheet for additional assistance on the equipment and correct safety procedures.

Things to do and know before your first visit

Before you come down to the Makerspace, there are a few things you should know and do.

Booking an appointment

 The Makerspace is available through appointment or walk-in. If this is your first appointment with the Makerspace, please call the Makerspace at (775) 682-8613 or come to the Makerspace in person. If you have booked equipment with the Makerspace before, please set up your appointment at least 24 hours in advance - either through our booking portal or by calling the Makerspace at (775) 682-8613. Book an appointment for a piece of equipment.

Dress code

There are two important dress code requirements for the Makerspace.

  1. Everyone using the machine shop must wear closed toed shoes.
  2. Users may not wear loose fitting clothing when using the equipment in the machine shop, wood shop and textiles lab.


Depending on what you are planning to do, there are some costs you should be aware of.

Using the machine shop, podcasting studio, beta space or the computers

  • Public:
    • There is an $18 Makerspace day pass that will give you access to all of the equipment for the day during our business hours.
    • If you are looking to come in more frequently over a period of time, there is a multi-day pass that can be purchased for $400.
  • University students, staff and faculty: Free
  • Members: Included in your membership package

3D printing

You don’t need to buy a day pass. The Makerspace charges fees based on material used, time on the equipment, cost of labor and an intake fee. Rates differ for University students, staff or faculty, members of the Innevation Center and community members.

Hours of operation

The Makerspace is open Monday - Friday from 10 a.m.-7 p.m., and Saturday from 12-5 p.m.

Basic Makerspace safety

You’ll be asked to review our basic Makerspace safety training and you’ll need to pass a quiz covering the information. If you plan on using the Makerspace just once, following the quiz you’ll receive a temporary safety badge. If you plan on continuing to use the Makerspace, we’ll give you a permanent safety badge with your name and safety training date.