Makerspace orientation

Time Commitment: 30 min

If you want to use the Makerspace but are unsure of where to start, this is the right place.

When you first visit the Innevation Center, you’ll notice that access past the main floor requires a key card. Visit the front desk and let them know that you’d like to go to the Makerspace and the reason for your visit.

If you are not a member of the Innevation Center or University of Nevada, Reno student/employee, you’ll need to purchase a day pass from the front desk to use the Makerspace – Makerspace day passes are $18. If you just want to get a tour, drop off, or pick up a 3D print, there is no charge for visiting the Makerspace.

After getting your information, the front desk will buzz you down. If you decide you want to use the Makerspace with regularity, you’ll need to sign a membership agreement with the Innevation Center and you’ll either be provided a key card, or if you are a University student or employee, your Wolfcard will be activated as your key card.

When you enter the Makerspace, you’ll be greeted by one of the Maker Staff. They’ll likely ask if you’ve been here before and help get you going. If you haven’t, they’ll give you a liability waiver and contact info sheet to fill out and sign. We require contact information for all users of the equipment in the Makerspace. The contact info we require is:

First and Last Name
Phone Number
Organization/Company Affiliation
User Type (Member, Student, Faculty, Day Pass, Other)

Basic makerspace safety

You’ll be asked to review our basic Makerspace safety training and you’ll need to pass a quiz covering the information. If you plan on using the Makerspace just once, following the quiz you’ll receive a temporary safety badge. If you plan on continuing to use the Makerspace, we’ll give you a permanent safety badge with you name and safety training date.