Brand guidelines & logo

University of Nevada, Reno Innevation Center—Powered By Switch

If you are promoting an event or activity that will be held at the Innevation Center you must refer to it by the following approved conventions and use the official branding (logo/identifier), outlined below.

All users of the Innevation Center will check an “I Agree” box on the room reservation form stating that they agree to the terms and conditions of booking programming time, which includes agreeing to use the wording and identifiers mentioned below in all promotional materials, traditional and digital.


First reference: University of Nevada, Reno Innevation Center—Powered By Switch

Subsequent references: Innevation Center


The Innevation Center has a unique identifier that you must include on your promotional materials. It looks like this:

Innevation Center logo

This identifier is a hybrid design consisting of the words “University of Nevada, Reno” in the University’s official typeface, Myriad Pro, followed by the words “innevation center” in Switch’s modified Century Gothic typeface and “Powered By Switch” reversed out of a Navy Blue rectangle, also in the Century Gothic typeface.

The Innevation Center mark should be used on every promotional piece, along with the Powered By Switch tag. If you need a reversed version of the mark for solid-color backgrounds contact

Download logo from NevadaBox


In some material, you may find it necessary to describe what the Innevation Center is and does. In that case, the following are options for phrases we use to describe the facility and its purpose:

Option A:

The Innevation Center is designed to empower Nevada’s next generation of economic leaders by igniting the creative and entrepreneurial spirits in University of Nevada, Reno students, faculty, community creatives, makers, economic developers, and emerging global tech companies.

Option B:

The Innevation Center is a synergistic, collaborative space, designed to stimulate the creation of startups and accelerate the growth of the innovation economy of our region. Named to take the "no" out of innovation, the Innevation Center also hosts the InNEVator startup accelerator program and the Reynolds School of Journalism Podcast Center and is home to Nevada Industry Excellence.

Option C:

Designed to empower Nevada’s next generation of economic leaders.

Social media

In social media, we use the following handles to credit the University and Switch whenever possible, within the constraints of character limits.


When possible, please link to our website at

The University’s social media content generators will also be using the following hashtags in our posts about the Innevation Center:

University-associated tags:


Switch-associated tags: