K-12 Robotics Center | University of Nevada, Reno

Welcome to the K-12 Robotics Center | University of Nevada, Reno. The vision for the center is to encourage young students’ interest in robotics, computer science, engineering and automation, and to create a pathway to degrees and careers.

Features of the K-12 Robotics Center

For more information about the center, view our Southside Studio virtual tour.

The FYRE Robotics team testing their robot on the competition floor

Robotics field

The K-12 Robotics Center offers a half FIRST Robotics Competition field, where there is plenty of room to layout a FIRST LEGO League, FIRST Tech Challenges or a VEX field.

The Wolf Pack Bots team working in the Build Area of the K-12 Robotics Center

Build area

The build area is a large room, adjacent to the robotics field, with movable tables and chairs for teams to expand their working space.

It’s a fun place to learn about coding and building, and it’s just really cool.”
Isabella, elementary school sixth grader

How to get involved

There are two competitive student robotics organizations in Nevada: FIRST Nevada and REC Foundation’s VEX programs. The local community team, the Reno Robot Club, is open to all ages.

Student and mentor working on CAD drawing for robot in the Innevation Center Makerspace

Be an advocate for robotics programs

Encourage funding and support for robotics programs in secondary education by sharing our videos and our message with legislators, school board members and your local school teachers and administrators.

Become a coach or mentor

Teachers, parents, college students and community members can become a robotics team coach or mentor, or volunteer to help out with practices and competitions.

Start a robotics program in your school

Anyone can take this step and support EDAWN’s goal of 100% of our regional schools having some form of robotics programming!

Join a robotics team

Being on a robotics team is really fun! You’ll meet lots of great people and learn skills such as coding, designing, teamwork and problem solving.

  • Inquire through your school to see if there’s an existing team to join.
  • Contact Caroline Hanson to get information about local FIRST Nevada teams. The teams usually have students representing different schools as well as homeschool students.
  • Join the community team, Reno Robot Club. This club is open to all ages.

Students and mentor practicing with robots on a competition board in the K-12 Robotics Center