Shared Instrumentation Lab (SIL)

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Shared Instrumentation Laboratory (SIL)

Welcome to the SIL instrumentation website. The SIL is housed in rooms 006, 007, 008, and 103 of the Chemistry Building at the University of Nevada, Reno. On this site, you'll find basic information about the available instrumentation.

About the SIL

The SIL is a free resource to the UNR campus; we do not charge for the use of the instrumentation. In general, the staff of the SIL do not run samples and are available for consultation and training only. Undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral students receive training and operate the instruments on a day-to-day basis. PI's wishing to use the instruments should have their students contact the Director of Instrumentation for training and account setup.

The department also teaches instrumentation courses through the CHEM 707 class. Contact the Chemistry department main office at (775) 784-6041 for current course offerings.


There are no fees to use the instrumentation but consumables must be provided for by the PI. For example, if you want to run the LCMS you must provide columns, sample vials, and mobile phase or if you want to run the NMR you must provide the NMR tubes and deuterated solvents. Most consumables can be purchased from the research stockroom located in the basement of the Chemistry building.


If you are interested in using the instrumentation in the SIL please contact:

  • Dr. Stephen Spain (, 775-784-6019:  all shared instrumentation
  • Dr. Janina Ruprecht (, 775-682-5765:  powder XRD instrumentation (material science, chemical and environmental samples, geological samples, etc.) 
  • Professor Vince Catalano (, 775-784-1329:  single-crystal X-Ray diffractometer (your sample for analysis is a well-defined single crystal)