Program handbook

This Handbook is designed to present the most pertinent information on the courses, examinations, and other requirements in our graduate program. The Graduate School Catalog should be consulted for supplementary information. Students in the Chemical Physics program should also consult the Chemical Physics handbook.

Academic and Scientific Conduct Statement

Both departmental graduate students and faculty are expected to adhere to the highest professional and scientific standards and ethics, as described in the University Code of Conduct and Policies in the University of Nevada, Reno General Catalog, and The American Chemical Society’s Ethical Guidelines for the Publication of Chemical Research and Chemist’s Code of Ethics. In particular, all graduate students are responsible for conducting research and teaching activities with the utmost attention to safety, and for ensuring that all course and research activities are free from plagiarism of the works of others, falsification of data or results, or any other acts of academic dishonesty.

Please note: this represents the program handbook for the current academic year only. For an archived version of a previous year's handbook, or to obtain a hard copy of this current year's program handbook, please contact the program director.

Table of contents