Graduate advisory committee

Doctoral Programs: Consist of a minimum of five graduate faculty members; the chair, at least two faculty members from the student’s major department/program, at least one faculty member from a department in a field related to the student’s major, and at least one Graduate School representative.

In the case of interdisciplinary graduate programs, the Graduate School Representative cannot have a primary appointment in the same department (or other appropriate major unit) as the student's committee chair. Formal approval of all student advisory committees is made by the Graduate Dean.

After a student has chosen a research advisor, he or she should consult with the advisor to form a Graduate Advisory Committee. The student should be prepared to suggest members for the committee which must have at least five members: two from each of the chemistry and physics departments (including the research advisor), and one from an outside department.

The student initiates the Declaration of Advisor/Major Advisor/Committee Chair form and other necessary paperwork necessary to form this committee and the research advisor acts as its chairman. The committee is responsible for formally approving the student’s program of study and for administering the Oral Comprehensive Exam and the Final Oral Examination upon the completion of the research dissertation. The appointment of this committee should be accomplished no later than the beginning of the student’s third semester at the university.