Graduate student evaluation procedures

Graduate students in the Chemical Physics program are evaluated yearly by the Chemical Physics faculty to assess progress toward completion of requirements, including especially research. The purpose of these evaluations is to determine the candidate’s overall fitness for his or her chosen program. In addition, the evaluations should bring out any areas of unsatisfactory progress so that the student can be aware of them and correct them.

The timetable is a schedule of times for completion of the requirements for the Ph.D. degree within four to five years and is intended as a guide to the faculty in measuring progress. It should be noted that the Timetable is meant to be an appropriate time schedule of events – a goal to aim for—and not a schedule of firm deadlines for the completion of the requirements. It is recognized that it may not be possible to adhere to the schedule because of circumstances such as difficulty in scheduling classes, entering the program with deficiencies, etc. However, serious deviation from the schedule may be an indication of unsatisfactory progress.