Choice of research advisor

The Chemical Physics program requires a completed research dissertation. During the first semester in residence, each student should consult with the various faculty members associated with the Chemical Physics program. These consultations should be arranged by the student. They generally involve discussion of the type of research programs of interest to the faculty member. After these consultations, the student chooses a faculty member under whose direction the dissertation research will be performed. The faculty member is asked by the student to serve as the student’s research director and advisor. Choice of the research director should be made no later than the end of the second semester of graduate studies. A list of those faculty affiliated with the Chemical Physics program and their research area is given below.

Department of Physics faculty

  • W. Patrick Arnott, Ambient air quality measurements
  • Bruno Bauer, Experimental studies of plasma waves and instabilities
  • Andrei Derevianko, Theoretical physics
  • Roberto C. Mancini, Theory and modeling of laser-produced transient plasmas
  • Hans Moosmüller, Atmospheric and aerosol physics
  • Alla Safranova, Theoretical plasma physics
  • Timur Tscherbul, Theoretical atomic, molecular and chemical physics
  • Jonathan Weinstein, Ultracold atomic and molecular physics

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Department of Chemistry faculty

  • Mario A. Alpuche, Electrochemical methods for energy conversion
  • Sean M. Casey, Semiconductor surface science
  • Kent M. Ervin, Cluster ion reactions and photophysics
  • David M. Leitner, Theoretical chemistry, biophysical chemistry
  • Samuel Odoh, Computational materials chemistry
  • Matthew J. Tucker, Ultrafast spectroscopy, biophysical chemistry
  • Sergey Varganov, Electronic structure theory and molecular dynamics

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