The Department of Physics at the University of Nevada, Reno specializes in atomic, molecular, optical and chemical physics, high energy density and plasma physics, condensed matter physics, and atmospheric sciences.

Recent news from the Department of Physics

A rainbow descends from the top left part of the photo toward downtown Reno.

Ask the Professor: How do rainbows form?

Xiyue Zhang elucidates the physics behind the Pride symbol

Andrei Derevianko posing in front of a bookshelf.

Andrei Derevianko elected AAAS Fellow in the field of physics

From being recognized as University of Nevada, Reno Outstanding Researcher to Sara Louise Hartman Endowed Professor, Derevianko is adding another item to his impressive list of accolades

Marc Nichol stands at the front of an audience, presenting a PowerPoint.

Exploring nuclear as an energy solution

Marc Nichol from the Nuclear Energy Institute shares nuclear technology developments