Chemistry is the central science, and its principles operate in all aspects of our daily lives. Understanding chemistry is fundamental in understanding the world around us, everything from energy to biology, medicine to materials, and more. Our Department offers an exceptional foundational undergraduate program as well as three graduate degrees, including one interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Chemical Physics. Research is conducted in state-of-the-art facilities at the University as well as through scientific collaborations at research centers across the country.

Recent news from the Department of Chemistry

Joe Schwarcz, wearing a suit and tie, holds a large apple and smiles as he pretends to bite into it.

Chemist, author and radio host Joe Schwarcz to visit campus

Schwarcz will be kicking off the 13th season of the Discover Science Lecture Series

Two men crouch around a device that looks like a projector screen with a frame around it.

University faculty part of XPRIZE team that advances to finalist round in global competition

Team Waponi is one of six teams from around the world to advance to the finals

Canadian geese, mallard ducks and a swan swim in Manzanita Lake.

What makes water an important molecule for life?

Water is widely thought to be critical to life. But why is that the case?

State-of-the-art facilities Explore facilities and available equipment, including a full list of laboratory support staff.
Female student conducting an experiment using a chemistry glove box.
Hitchcock Center for Chemical Ecology Promoting interdisciplinary collaborations in the field of chemical ecology.
Chris Jeffrey inspecting a leaf in the jungle.