Facilities and equipment

Chemistry research is heavily reliant on modern facilities, instrumentation, and technical support personnel. The Department of Chemistry is endowed with a full complement of support services, shops, and laboratories.

Facilities available to students and faculty include the instructional and research laboratories, scientific glass-blowing shop, machine shop (shared with the Department of Physics), an electronic design and repair shop, three instructional support supply rooms, a research laboratory supply center, and miscellaneous offices, conference rooms and storage rooms.

Director of Chemistry Laboratories

Steve Korecki

(775) 682-8304

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Computational facilities

Computational facilities are a critically important part of chemical research. The chemistry department utilizes resources available on campus, including the Pronghorn high performance computing cluster, along with several locally maintained Linux clusters and workstations. Available applications include:

  • Amber
  • Gaussian 16
  • Ghemical
  • ORCA
  • NWChem
  • Molden
  • Moplot
  • NBO

Much of our most impressive and specialized instrumentation is found within the laboratories of individual research groups. Several research groups utilize lasers for non-linear, high-resolution, or fast spectroscopy, and for studies of molecular dynamics.  Other state-of-the-art equipment includes high vacuum molecular beam and ion beam chambers, ultra-high vacuum chambers for studies of surface chemistry, a variety of specialized optics and instruments for nonlinear spectroscopy and polarized laser experiments, ion and photon detectors, fast digital oscilloscopes and detection electronics, and time-of-flight, quadrupole, and magnetic mass spectrometers and ion traps. Most synthetic chemistry groups have their own Fourier transform IR spectrometers and other specialized research instruments.

To view more resources available in the Department of Chemistry, visit the Shared Instruments Lab.