About the Division

Dr. Mridul Gautam, Vice President for Research and Innovation

Mridul Gautam

Research & Innovation exists as a service organization for the University faculty. We focus on enhancing research enterprise by supporting collaboration and innovation.

We strive to provide faculty with the resources necessary to succeed in their goals of educating students, conducting research and contributing to regional economic development.

We are focused on managing the support organizations that assist faculty in obtaining and managing funding, conducting research with integrity and in a safe and healthy environment, and facilitating connections with industry.

We want to continue to build a collaborative University setting where faculty can form connections and work on interdisciplinary research that produces discoveries with wide ranging effects.


Our vision is to create an environment that will enable the faculty and students to excel in their research, scholarly and creative activities, and enhance the status of the University of Nevada, Reno as an internationally recognized research university.


Our research and innovation activities are aligned with the goals of the University’s Institutional Strategic Plan and with the needs of the region and the state. Our mission is to:

  • Support world-class research, innovation and commercialization at the University
  • Develop major existing and emerging research areas
  • Provide faculty, students and staff with the highest quality administrative services and a competitive infrastructure that will enable them to excel in their research, scholarly and artistic endeavors
  • Minimize burden on faculty
  • Foster ethical conduct in research and adhere to all regulatory requirements

The activities of Research & Innovation are driven by our core values: integrity, the pursuit of excellence, fairness, respect and collaboration.


We aim to provide our faculty with streamlined, organized and efficient access to all information and processes necessary to conduct research and facilitate innovation and entrepreneurship at the University. Please contact us if you need guidance and we will connect you with a person who will provide support.

Research & Innovation Leadership Team

Ana de Bettencourt-Dias

Associate Vice President for Research

Ana de Bettencourt-Dias

  • Research Development
  • Undergraduate Research
  • Core Laboratories

Charlene Hart

Associate Vice President, Research Administration

Charlene Hart

  • Sponsored Projects
  • Environmental Health & Safety
  • Animal Resources
  • Research Integrity

Ellen Purpus

Assistant Vice President, Enterprise and Innovation

Ellen Purpus

  • Enterprise & Commercialization
  • Nevada Industry Excellence
  • Nevada Center for Applied Research
  • The Innevation Center

Division Org Chart