Faculty spin-out companies

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We are searching for entrepreneurs with the experience and drive to help manage University of Nevada, Reno spinout companies and take them to the next level.

We have found that university spinout successes are enhanced through partnerships between entrepreneurs and researchers and we welcome interested entrepreneurs with experience and skills in

  • managing nascent companies,
  • attracting investment, and
  • working through the myriad of tasks necessary to build a business.

Often these spinouts are grown from early stage technology within the University research environment and developed for world market applications.

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Examples of some funding resources that may help your business get-off the ground:

Spinout Assistance

Our office assists in building project teams to facilitate the launch of spinout companies. These teams consist of people with complementary skill sets to collaborate on the new business, along with the support and mentorship of Enterprise & Innovation.

Principal Investigator

The principal investigator is usually the lead inventor or laboratory head who is conducting ongoing research at the University of Nevada, Reno. As the primary beneficiaries of project outcomes the principal investigator is expected to champion their technology/expertise and provide high level technical guidance, take the lead in presentations to industry, and participate regularly in team meetings. The time commitment is one to two hours per week.

Aside from the direct benefits of industry engagement, the third party validation and increased exposure of research can increase the chance of funding and collaborative partners.

Technical Lead

The technical lead is a graduate student or post-doc with a working knowledge of the relevant technical field and is nominated by the principal investigator. The technical lead is responsible for working with the business intern to develop marketing materials, identify and evaluate potential industry partners. If the technical lead has a strong interest and involvement in the technology/expertise they may take on the role of project champion in place of the principal investigator. The time commitment is two to five hours per week (although this can be highly variable depending on the stage of project progress).

Involvement in one of these innovation teams provides a fantastic opportunity for an early stage researcher to gain experience with the language and needs of industry.

Business Intern

An Enterprise & Innovation business intern is usually enrolled in a graduate business program such as an MBA (in some cases a technical graduate program). The business intern works closely with the technical lead to develop the business materials needed for engaging industry. The business intern is also the project manager and is responsible for maintaining momentum through activities such as scheduling and running meetings, tracking team progress, and identifying and engaging potential industry partners. The time commitment is five to ten hours per week, but can be highly variable depending on the stage of project progress.

Business interns gain substantial real-world technology development experience and with the right attitude and opportunity it is not unheard of for students

University of Nevada, Reno Spinouts

The companies below were based on University of Nevada, Reno intellectual property. Follow the links through to their respective websites for further information.

  • DxDiscovery

    DxDiscovery focuses on the development of medical diagnostics tests for infectious disease. Diagnostic tests are critical to making quick and accurate treatment decisions; however, for many infections there are no diagnostic tests or the tests are not reliable. Importantly, it is estimated that current diagnostic tests account for two percent of the total cost of healthcare in the United States; however, they contribute to eighty percent of medical decisions.

    Visit DxDiscovery to learn more.

  • EscaZyme Biochemicals

    EscaZyme Biochemicals LLC is a specialized chemical company that manufactures component chemicals for use across multiple industries, including the pest control industry. EscaZyme produces chemicals through a new process discovered by researchers at the University of Nevada, Reno's Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

    Visit EscaZyme Biochemicals to learn more.

  • HydroTORR

    The vision for the future of HydroTORR is influenced by two important market drivers: (1) The need to generate electric power from renewable resources and, (2) The growing and enormous urban biomass waste disposal issues haunting many municipalities and local governments throughout the world. Rapid Hydrothermal Carbonization technology is based on a process that was developed at the University of Nevada Reno by Dr. Charles Coronella and his team. The potential impact and value that this technology offers is its "conversion rate", that is, this technology has the potential to process the waste in real-time offering several advantages to competing technologies: (1) Smaller footprint of the process equipment; (2) Reduction in the environmental impact; (3) High control over the process; and (4) Better conversion and neutralization of bio and chemical hazards.

  • Load IQ

    Load IQ creates energy management software that determines how energy is used in buildings. With an itemized end use data much like a phone bill, ratepayers can find and fix inefficient loads. Our software processes signals measured only on the main circuit eliminating the need to install complex sub-metering hardware. Load IQ's Utility Accountant software empowers users to reduce energy consumption by showing them where their energy dollars are spent.

  • Nanolabz

    Nanolabz develops and sells laser physics targets for the short-pulse laser R&D sector. The company is creating IP and developing laser physics targets and alignment system technology with the aim to help create a next-generation, compact, high-performance and reduced-cost proton source for research and cancer therapy.

    Visit Nanolabz to learn more.

  • Nevada Nanotech Systems

    NevadaNano (Nevada Nanotech Systems, Inc.) develops and manufactures MEMS-based sensor modules and subsystems for a diverse array of government and commercial applications. Our products are used by system integrator partners and by system manufacturers who benefit from the unique characteristics of our sensors - namely small size, low cost, unattended operation, and the ability to detect a broad range of threats with a single, standard sensor configuration.

    Visit Nevada Nanotech Systems to learn more.

  • Optim

    Optim was formed in Reno, Nevada, during July 1998. Our SeisOpt products provide the petroleum and geotechnical industries with an inexpensive, efficient, and accurate means to predict laterally complex velocity structure from seismic data. Clients around the world are now using SeisOpt software products and services to increase the value of their businesses.

    Visit Optim to learn more.

  • ReproRx

    ReproRx Inc. is a University spinoff biotech company focusing on the development of diagnostics and therapeutics that can help people better manage their fertility. Three products are in the Company's R&D pipeline. The first one is a non-detergent sperm immobilizer/spermicide that can be used for developing topical contraceptives. The second product is a natural compound that can be taken orally to induce reversible male infertility by causing sperm deformation and immobility without decreasing sperm counts and shrinking the testis. We are also in the process of optimizing conditions for a diagnostic method which can predict the presence or absence of spermatozoa or spermatids inside the testes of azoospermia patients using a drop of semen.

  • Strykagen

    Strykagen is currently working on developing therapeutics for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), Becker muscular dystrophy (BMD), Merosin deficient congenital muscular dystrophy (MDC1A) and Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophies (LGMD).

    Visit Strykagen to learn more.