Patents, commercialization and licensing

The Enterprise & Innovation team is available to assist researchers with protecting intellectual property (IP) – including filing for patents – and finding commercial partners to help bring your novel research into the world. The process may sound complex and daunting, but we are here to assist you every step of the way.

We also work with businesses and entrepreneurs on anything relating to commercialization of research and licensing of available University technology. New products and startup companies are often grown from early stage technology within the University research environment that is developed for world market applications.

Please contact Enterprise & Innovation if you are interested in learning more.

Explore the commercialization process

Follow our step by step process through research commercialization to learn:

  • Where to begin
  • How to protect your ideas
  • How to position your innovation for commercial markets
  • What to expect for your efforts

Commercialization process

File an invention disclosure

Reporting your innovation is the first step in the commercialization process. All innovations made by University faculty and staff are reported through the inventor portal. Only active University faculty, staff and students may access the inventor portal with their NetID. The portal is used to report new technologies and review existing submissions.

Upon receipt of a disclosure statement of innovation, our licensing and commercialization team works to understand the commercial strategy and, where applicable, protect the intellectual property and secure a licensing agreement. If you filed a submission and have not received an email within two days or if you have questions, please email

Inventor portal

Understanding intellectual property ownership

Your status, involvement, and the type of partnerships you develop while doing research at the University determine who owns the resulting intellectual property (IP). View our simplified explanation for who owns the IP.

IP ownership explained

University’s complete policy on IP

Technologies available for license

The University has technologies and innovations available for license in a broad range of areas such as software, energy and renewables, life sciences, healthcare and biotechnology. Enterprise & Innovation works closely with companies to evaluate the market for a product and negotiate licensing terms.

Available technologies

University spin-out companies

Check out some of the current companies that are based on University of Nevada, Reno intellectual property.

University spin-out companies