Nevada Research Report

The Nevada Research Report was a campus wide initiative launched by the Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) in 2009 to give input to the University administration about how to foster research on campus. Input was sought by a series of meetings with funded and research active faculty followed by a questionnaire to faculty that ranked suggested changes. The March 2010 final report identified 60 campus policies and procedures to change to improve the research atmosphere. By combining a few similar recommendations, the list was later whittled down to 55 items that CAS pushed for over the next few years with regular meetings with administrators. As of Fall 2016, approximately 47 percent of these recommendations have been implemented in whole or in part.

In 2016-2017, CAS began redoing the Nevada Research Report that examines the impact of the 2010 report, before generating a new questionnaire on the campus research atmosphere and how to improve it.

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