Field research safety plan

Does your research involve field work or trips for you or any participants?

Our online tool will help you plan and document your training, communicate your requirements and expectations, and present emergency information to your staff, students and volunteers.

Creating and distributing your plan will minimize the liabilities associated with your project and alert your team to potential hazards.

Plan Distribution

We suggest posting your plan on WebCampus so you can track your participants' training through required reading. 

You can request a review of your plan by contacting EH&S.

Build your Field Research Safety Plan

Items the plan will address

  • Considerations for travel and forms required
  • Hazards involved in the project
  • How to reduce risks to ensure safety
  • Having informed and prepared participants
  • Planning for communication in the field
  • Emergency response
  • Understanding the equipment to be used
  • Required personal protective equipment (PPE)