Safety Training DVD List

Safety Training DVD List
TopicVideo NameNumberVendorYearTimeDescription
Back Back Safety Update 1869 Training Network 2005 21 Four out of five people will experience some type of back problems during their lives. This excellent video emphasizes overall back care, including exercise and weight control, and teaches employees about the back injuries frequently caused both on and off the job. Emphasizes back health, diseases that affect the back, and proper care of the back.
Behavior-Based Safety Hooked on Safety, My World 2450 Training Network 2007 18 Are accident free workplaces possible? Absolutely! Follow Billy Robbins one of the top motivational speakers in the country as he pulls you into his world where accident free workplaces are a reality. This shorter version of his full-length video is perfect as an ending to any training session. Emphasizing that 'changed attitudes produce safety TM' Billy tells the story of his own traumatic accident and its aftermath. Complete with humor audience participation and a compelling story Billy's attention-grabbing presentation drives home the point that accidents don't just affect your life but the lives of everyone around you.
Behavior-Based Safety Safety - Everyone's Responsibility - Remember Charlie Long Version 1162 Training Network 1996 48 Charlie Morecraft delivers a rousing wake up call that puts an end to complacency in the workplace. This presentation emphasizes that today's real working hero always follows safety procedures and aggressively takes responsibility for his safety. A highly motivating video that encourages workers and management to work as a team, creating a safer workplace.
Behavior-Based Safety Safety's Most Wanted Episode II: The Accomplices (have 2 copies) 2455 Training Network 2007 19 Don't be an accomplice to unsafe acts is the theme of this second episode of the popular 'Safety's Most Wanted' Series. The host Tom Clark shines the spotlight on three injury-causing culprits: the prankster Horseplay the 'get it done' Cowboy and the infectious Apathy are each exposed as a source of workplace injury. Through co-worker interviews incident reenactments and testimony from the culprits themselves viewers learn how to defeat these safety culprits and maintain a safe workplace.
Behavior-Based Safety Too High A Price To Pay - Remember Charlie 1723 Training Network 2000 12 This abbreviated version of the original story of Charlie Morecraft, explains how he, an Exxon refinery worker, was seriously injured in an explosion. It is a deeply moving presentation of the devastating real-life consequences of the abuse of safety procedures. Your employees will take safety seriously after watching this.
Bloodborne Pathogens Bloodborne Pathogens: Exposure In The Workplace 2329 Training Network 2007 22 The risk of bloodborne pathogens exposure is a risk to all employees and one that companies cannot afford to take. Using a "Risk Scenario" approach to training, this engaging program tracks a bloodborne pathogen exposure and shows employees how to react, and not to react, to an injury involving blood.
Bloodborne Pathogens WSI: Bloodborne Pathogens WBBPDVD CLMI 2006 13 This video is patterned after the popular TV show CSI. It describes a workplace injury where an employee contracts a bloodborne disease and describes potentially overlooked vectors of bloodborne pathogen transition.
Compressed Gas Compressed Gas Cylinders 1581 Training Network 1999 12 A dramatic opening of a compressed gas cylinder crashing through a cement wall demonstrates how improper handling of cylinders can cause damage and injury. Covers: (1) Potential hazards (2) Pre-use inspection and testing (3) Best safety practices for handling and use (4) Proper storage and transportation
Confined Space Confined Space Entry 0232 Training Network 1993 28 This video provides a detailed overview of permit-required confined spaces. Topics include definitions, permit requirements, roles of entrants, attendants, and supervisors, atmospheric monitoring, and emergency procedures.
Confined Space Confined Space Entry - No Time For Error 1859 Training Network 2004 17 Comply with OSHA's 1910.146 and provide workers with the knowledge of how to safely work within potentially hazardous conditions. Excellent video examples motivate your employees to follow best safety practices when working in or near confined spaces.
Confined Space Confined Space Manhole Entry 1662 Training Network 2002 40 This video presents an informative and entertaining look at the hazards and procedures involved with manhole confined space operations. The types of operations include be manhole cleaning and repair, inspection, construction, or anything where crewpersons need to descend into the manhole and confined spaces.
Confined Space Confined Spaces: Dangerous Places 2394 Training Network 2007 25 Working safely in confined spaces requires a balance of the proper equipment, awareness and knowledge of hazards, proper training, and common sense. Give your authorized entrants, attendants, entry supervisors, and rescue services personnel the necessary skills to comply with 29 CFR 1910.146 with this in-depth training program.
Construction Construction Safety Orientation for Employees 1547 Training Network 2002 25 Provides construction employees with a basic understanding of OSHA and its construction safety regulations. The video explains the "what" and "why" of various OSHA construction topics, including what to look for and be aware of while on the job site In addition it covers the basics that every employee should know about.
Driving Winter Driving Safety 0924 Training Network 1998 18 Winter Driving Safety program takes a look at winter driving and how to reduce driving accidents, injuries, and hopefully reduce the many problems associated with winter driving. Always follow your company's policies and procedures and use your own experience and good judgment when operating any type of vehicle in bad weather.