9.0 Communication of Hazard Information to Non-University Personnel

In situations where non-University personnel are performing work on UNR owned or controlled property (i.e. contractors and visitors), the primary UNR contact (i.e., Facilities Services project coordinator or workplace supervisor) must provide the non-University personnel with information on the identity and location of hazardous chemicals to which they will be exposed.

9.1 SDSs

When requested, the primary UNR contact must provide non-University personnel with access to SDSs for each hazardous chemical owned or controlled by the university to which they will be exposed to while performing work at UNR.

9.2 Communicating Precautionary Measures

The primary UNR contact must ensure that non-University personnel are informed of required precautionary measures prior to beginning work. These measures must consider normal operating conditions and foreseeable emergencies, and must include provisions for personnel exposure, fire, chemical releases, and other incidents, all as applicable.