Luis P. Barthel-Rosa

Manager, Chemical Management Services
Luis Barthel-Rosa
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Luis has worked with the University of Nevada, Reno Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) department since 2004. Starting as a chemical inventory coordinator, Luis implemented all aspects of the entire campus wide chemical inventory program from the ground up, which continues to operate today. Luis was promoted to manager, chemical management services and expanded his role to include lab safety, performing safety assessments and working with faculty to assist their needs in conducting research safely. Luis is the current campus Chemical Hygiene Officer (CHO) and Alternate Responsible Official (ARO) for the select agent program. Luis served as the interim director of EH&S for 15 months before resuming as manager, chemical management services where he continues to serve.

Prior to employment at the University, Luis worked in the chemical industry including large scale polypropylene production support, pilot plant scale-up of organo-phosphines as flame retardant additives for plastics, lab scale production of oxidizers for satellites, and instrumental testing for detection of chemical weapons.


Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Nevada, Reno, 1996
B.S., Chemistry, Florida Institute of Technology, 1989

Professional certifications

American Chemical Society