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Laboratory Safety Committee


The Laboratory Safety Committee (LSC) provides guidance and administrative oversight of environmental health and safety issues associated with laboratory activities.  Through consideration of laboratory safety issues in a holistic manner, the LSC develops policies to reduce risks that are associated with laboratory operations.

Committee Minutes

Contact EH&S for LSC meeting minutes.

Committee Issues (Typical)

  • Reproductive Health
  • Laboratory closeout
  • Laboratory safety training
  • Hazardous materials procurement and inventory
  • Laboratory safety assessments

Major Regulatory Drivers:

  • OSHA
    • Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories
  • Washoe County District Health Department, Air Quality Management Division
    • Laboratory Hood Air Discharge Permit
  • Nevada State Fire Marshall
    • Fire and Life Safety; chemical inventories


No. of Members 7
No. of Academic Faculty 5
No. of Administrative Faculty 2
Meeting Frequency Twice each Fall and Spring Semester

Committee Contacts

Committee Chair

Devicharan Chidambaram, Ph.D.
Assoc. Professor, Chemical and Materials Engineering
University of Nevada, Reno
Phone: (775) 784-7066

Committee Members

Iain Buxton, Ph.D. , Pharm.D.
Radiation Safety Committee Chair
Professor, Pharmacology
University of Nevada, Reno
Phone: (775) 784-4800

William Courchesne, Ph.D. 
Institutional Biosafety Committee Chair
Assoc. Professor, Microbiology
University of Nevada, Reno 
Phone: (775) 784-4113

Dylan Kosma, Ph.D. 
Asst. Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
University of Nevada, Reno 
Phone: (775)-682-7319

Ben Owens, CIH, CBSP
Asst. Director, Laboratory Safety
University of Nevada, Reno
phone: (775) 327-5196

Jason Shearer, Ph.D. 
Professor, Chemistry
University of Nevada, Reno 
Phone: (775) 784-6804

Viktoriya Weirauch
Director of Laboratories, Chemistry
University of Nevada, Reno 
Phone: (775) 682-8304

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